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Find out 3 take-away lessons from a hospital during a pandemic.

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After Pain

Try on the purpose of pain as part of our human process to keep moving, growing and evolving as a result.

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There's Purpose and then There's Purpose

Take a look at the difference between your purpose (in the future) and living on purpose (in the now).

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On Board With Change

Read about the importance of gaining resilience through the story of a man who resisted change.

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Renewed Vision

Discover how I received unsuspected gifts of sight and insight when I became present with deep listening.

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Conscious Engagement

Create a plan for seizing the day with short, medium and long term goals along with steps and rough timelines.

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Putting Humour Into All and the All Into Humour

Use humour consciously to step out of your story and gain perspective, perhaps even connect with your spirituality.

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Express Love

Take time to reflect on various relationships and how you show up expressing appreciation and love for each.

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Renos Inside & Out

Find out what de-cluttering your physical space can do for your psyche.

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