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Are you experiencing sleeplessness or restlessness at night, feeling moody, depressed, helpless or powerless, forgetting little things and having trouble concentrating, or just overwhelmed and isolated? Do you dream of feeling in control, balanced, alive and complete? You’re probably suffering from some type of anxiety and you’re not alone. More and more people, including younger and younger people are finding themselves weighed down with a significant amount of stress and anxiety.

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CBT and Beyond

In this journey of discovery and healing, you are cast as the hero. The overall adventure mirrors my professional counselling therapy. Based on my clinical approach called Anxiety Re-patterning Therapy (ART), the workbook is called Anxiety Therapy at Home: Dancing with Your Shadow. It targets not only your conscious level of your stress, but also the hidden causes. You are supported in your exploration with an array of tools, strategies, creative ways of integrating everything into your life and worksheets. As a workbook, it is a fraction of the cost of individual counselling and you are able to work at home at your own pace to reveal to yourself your hidden fears and anxieties and begin to resolve them for a happier, healthier you.

What's Inside?

Here's a peek at what you can expect . . .


Before You Begin the Hero’s Journey

Congratulations on figuring out that you not only have anxiety but that you are also ready to take the first step in investing in your health and wellbeing. You are taking action on exploring solutions for your anxiety. That takes both awareness and courage. You will gain the tools here to help you succeed at recognizing anxiety before it ramps up, at understanding your process and at coping with it. Be patient with yourself and this process. No matter where you are on your journey, know that you are good enough. At the same time, your success is directly correlated with your open-minded effort. So go the distance. You are worth it!

Much like Carl Jung’s ‘Hero’s Journey,’ you are embarking on an adventure. This one is in self discovery and healing. It’s a process and not for the weak of heart. In therapy, you also step into an adventure with peeling back layers of understanding yourself and deepening that understanding. It includes triggers, discovery that leads to transformation, and ultimately your sense of completeness.

You have invested in a combination of therapeutic techniques, tools and strategies. The program, or journey, is set up as a series of five discovery stages with a small number of stepping stones contained in each stage. These discovery stages are:

1 New Beginnings, 

2 Tune In, 

3 Walk the Talk, 

4 Deep Dive 

5 Whole Hearted You. 

Your challenge is to commit to the process as you take it just one stage at a time.

Ideally, you will find a regular routine to work the five discovery stages. A general timeframe suggestion is one or two weeks per stage. Ultimately, you are able to work at your own pace - whatever works for you - and in the privacy of your own home. The design of the Anxiety Therapy at Home:Dancing with Your Shadow program will help you not only learn about anxiety but also to integrate this new learning into your psyche. And you’re not just skimming the surface. This comprehensive program targets not only the conscious, but also the underlying and hidden dimensions of anxiety and stress.  Therefore, your hero’s journey is personal and sustainable.

Just as you wouldn’t leave on a trip without some preparation, the hero’s journey requires some prep work. This preparation includes your Mindset and a Contract with Self for health and wellbeing. 

With your Mindset, the invitation is to ‘park’, just for now, any limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stuck. Park the need to be fixed right now. Park any version of the idea that you can’t do this. Assume an open minded and open hearted stance as you begin. 

Think of the journey as the razor’s edge between control and surrender. This is also a dance between doing and being. Martin Heidegger, a famous scholar coined the word ‘wu-wei,’ which means a sort of quintessential awareness that fuses potential action and aware inaction. As you participate in your life adventures, you are also able to listen for, accept and calmly work with the twists in the road. That includes missing the mark. You will notice that I don’t use the word failure. The truth is that life is about trying on this and that, keeping some things and letting go of others. That might feel like not succeeding. Yet that’s learn and deepen as a human being. Often, your plan ‘A’ wouldn’t have been ideal in the long run. There are lots of plans, A to Z, Alpha to Omega, and/or alphabet soup. Sometimes, it’s best to take a step back from your situation and see the big picture.

This type of mindset will serve you on many levels. Relaxing into the present moment and accepting the process, one stage at a time, will help you in your learning. In taking action, you show strength in being both vulnerable and willing to risk.

Counselling Therapy has Evolved

I am a Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling, specializing in anxiety and the subconscious. Anxiety Therapy at Home: Dancing with Your Shadow is a comprehensive therapy program for anxiety and stress, published as a workbook. 

Counselling therapy has evolved. It works because it is grounded in the science behind the approach that has been proven over years of research. Going forward, it works because you are able to move beyond your story and into the cause of your anxiety.

With deep awareness comes presence. With presence comes freedom. 

Experts Report

"This is amongst the finest of self-help workbooks that I have ever read. It starts off with a very captivating front page with what looks like an adventure seeker navigating the dark tunnel and reaching the ray of light! The topics have scientific backing but of significance Helena is utilizing her years of experience in making this workbook easy to read in layman’s language. At the end of each topic, there is a visual summary reinforcing what we learn. And you can actually write in the workbook. She has broken this down into easily palatable and doable topics and has incorporated practical coping tools, mindfulness exercises, and an approach to Meridian Tapping. As a Family Physician, I find this workbook the most powerful resource for our patients. I will be recommending it to my patients afflicted with Anxiety. In fact, I would recommend this to everyone even if they have no anxiety" Dr Muti Kauchali, Family Physician 

"I am thrilled to see such a comprehensive approach to managing anxiety in this workbook. Helena has elegantly and thoroughly provided a plan for anyone to use for deep healing. Anxiety Therapy at Home: Dancing with your Shadow is a step by stap approach supported by evidence based and well researched techniques to live a calm and stress free life. I would encourage everyone struggling with anxiety and stress to engage with this workbook - it is one of the most practical and complete approaches available today." Dr. Peta Stapleton, Clinical Psychologist

"A personal touch to self-help and a more balanced life. The author presents a 'face-to-face' journey of solution findings, structured on self-analysis, journaling, physical exercise and tapping, to walk you through solutions to resolve anxiety and personal pain. Well written with fascinating illustrations, to be used as a constant companion piece of advice and guidance." Prof. Peter Gresshoff, PhD DSc

"One of the reasons I enjoyed the workbook is it seems to meet me where I'm at in terms of my needs. Helpful insights and well-put; effective with removing blocks instead of pushing harder. Very positive and real." Peg Rahn, BScN RN

"Clear, concise, easy to follow. Five simple stages to significantly reduce anxiety." Jessica Chinn, RSW

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