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Personal development and growth counselling works when you are ready to commit time and energy in self discovery and awareness. The journey is individual and personal. It really doesn't matter where you are at, as long as you are doing your best with what you know. Helena Green (working out of Red Deer, Alberta) has the education and training, along with a comprehensive amount of life experience, to help in your self actualization. You might also want to check out various topics on her blog page.

There are three main pieces of the pie in learning and understanding.

  • What you know that you know
  • What you know that you don't know
  • What you don't know that you don't know

When you want to explore the mystery of "what you don't know that you don't know," psychotherapy is an effective resource. Counselling for the Helath of It can shed light on dark corners - your limiting beliefs -  that you are unaware of. Learning and growing comes from showing up - with an open heart and mind - doing the Work as you move towards your goal.

It seems that there is a simple formula for living and being at your best and enjoying success. That is experience ->focus -> action -> commitment. 

You have to experience all sorts of things to discover what fits for you and what doesn't. The journey begins with a process of, "not this, not that."As you increasingly find out what to exclude, you are able to focus more and more on the things to include. People who have found this focus early in life (such as athletes) can funnel their passion and create abundance on all sorts of levels. The vision is formed.

At Your Best

The next step is to take action around your vision. Your vision can be anything from workout motivation, healthy eating habits or quitting smoking to launching a business in what you are passionate about. Helena is an advocate of tapping therapy as an effective tool in achieving your personal development growth dreams. Wishing and hoping are not enough. Life is not an armchair sport! We come to understand ourselves and our world through experience. Action may take any form of doing (beyond feeling, thinking or being) in your life. Ideally, whatever action you take incorporates flexibility and adaptation should new information present itself along the way. In taking action, you inevitably encounter all manner of fears. The resulting behaviour may include exercise procrastination or trouble with time management. So success usually means overcoming anxiety, fear and doubt as well. Meridian Therapy (EFT) is a very effective modality in deep re-patterning limiting beliefs that don't work for you. Once you have discovered how to overcome fear, being open (along with a good measure of gratitude) helps not only your sustained clarity but also lines up the assistance of all forces around you.

Once you line yourself up with your passion, the commitment to stay the course no matter what is the bridge to the harvest. Holding firm to your vision and taking action around that is the stuff that success is made of. The world loves to resonate with someone who really knows what they want and who they are. Everything feeds and validates prolonged commitment. The vision is transmuted into manifestation/creation.

So light the fuse of your rocket of potential already! What are you waiting for? Perhaps personal development counselling can help you surprise yourself.

Deep Listening. Clarity. Sustainable Solutions.

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