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Effective Counselling in Red Deer

Effective counselling in Red Deer is Helena Green's mandate and passion. She brings it all - her life experience, university education, counselling skills plus Energy Psychology, i.e. Clinical Meridian Tapping to her counselling therapy.

Qualifications & Background

Helena began her formal counselling training in 1994 in Duncan, BC and has continued her education and professional development to this day. Her comprehensive professional accreditation includes

  • Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling (MPCC #3275), Canadian Professional Counsellors Association
  • Registered Professional Counsellor (RPC), Canadian Professional Counsellors Association
  • Compassionate Inquiry Approach Certified Practitioner (CCIP), Gabor Mate
  • Federation of Associated Counselling Therapists BC (FACTBC) Committee 
  • Vancouver Island Regional Director, Canadian Professional Counsellors Association
  • Energy & Somatic Psychology Certified Practitioner (EFTCP), Alternative Healthcare Professional
  • Province of British Columbia's Crime Victims Assistance Program Registrant Counsellor

Helena has also developed

In private practice with Counselling for the Health of It, her primary theoretical approach uses Family Systems Theory as the core in understanding current personal dynamics. At the same time, Helena's psychotherapy incorporates a Person Centred approach and is Solutions Focused. That means counsellor and client work in the client's world, embracing the client's holistic experience. With that, Helena is able to harness the wisdom of the client's own mind/body connection. It is all a matter of awareness and doing"The Work."

Helena's areas of specialization include relationship problem advicepersonal growth and anxiety. She is also trained in Tapping Therapy, aka Meridian Tapping and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Tapping Therapy is a particularly effective modality that Helena is professionally certified in. Meridian Tapping is effective in changing limiting beliefs and/or behaviours that keep you from achieving your potential and the joy that springs from that freedom. 

The principles in the books "The Four Agreements" and "The Fifth Agreement," by Don Miguel Ruiz form central themes in her philosophy and psyco-educational handouts.

Helena's repertoire of services includes

  • Individual Counselling & Personal Growth Coaching
  • Relationship Problem Advice & Couples Therapy
  • Grief and Loss Counselling
  • Psychotherapy for Depression & Anxiety
  • Anger & Stress Management
  • Anxiety-Free Circles to eliminate anxiety
  • Meridian Tapping, aka Clinical EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Managing Chronic Conditions including Chronic Pain
  • Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR)
  • Family Therapy
  • Work & Career issues

Counselling Therapy involves, amoung other things, deep listening. As Helena steps into your world, her education, professional skills training and personal clarity allows her to reflect your own wisdom back to you. This synergistic connection forms the wellspring for your healing and growth. Ultimately, counsellor and client(s) together form a collaboration of minds and hearts in a safe forum where effective, lasting change can take place. 

When you are ready to take that first courageous step in getting help, please fill out Helena's contact form.

Beyond Counselling

You are invited to check out her Ramblings of an Old Flower Child column in Synergy Magazine as well. These bi-monthly issues include Helena's counselling publications that reflect her life experience and lessons learned in her personal journey of self awareness. All in all, her psychotherapy employs a synergistic connection with her clients. She is available to listen without judgement and create a safe place for her clients' healing and insight.

When it comes to organizations, Helena has created theoretical models and templates for holistic meetings and dynamic problem solving. So check out her facilitating services too!

Wellbeing on all levels is your birthright. Your health is in your hands.

Deep listening. Clarity. Sustainable Solutions.


Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling

Registered Professional Counsellor

Certified Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner

Certified Energy & Somatic Psychology 
(EFT) Practitioner

phone:(403) 986-0106

Counselling for the Health of It
Red Deer, Alberta

We acknowledge that we work on Treaty 7 land and on the traditional territories of the M├ętis and Treaty 6, 7 and 8 people whose footsteps have marked these lands for generations.

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