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Anxiety-Free Power Circles
eliminate anxiety, fear & doubt

Is anxiety keeping you up at night? Are you controlled by stress and fear? Eliminate anxiety and fear in a safe and confidential environment with Anxiety-Free Power Circles in Red Deer. Marianne Williamson said, "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."  

So many counselling clients (and everyone really) suffer from anxiety, doubt and fear that keep them stuck or limited. These patterns of behaviour are born in the past yet are perpetuated in the present. Memories buried alive never die. The most effective technique that Helena Green, at Counselling for the Health of It, has discovered for eliminating all manner of limiting beliefs is Clinical EFT (Meridian Tapping).

What to Expect

Anxiety-Free Power Circles are designed to be safe and confidential. The setting is casual and provides a supportive and dynamic approach to trying something new.

 Experience the proven strategies for positive and sustainable change using

  • the power of community in sharing and brainstorming,
  • 'brain-food' (psycho-educational material), including calming techniques, that gives you tools for building new positive habits,
  • healing with Meridian Tapping.  

Here's what people are saying about their Anxiety-Free Power Circle experiences.

I want to do some more tapping on specific things. You did an outstanding job ‘with Anxiety-Free Power Circles’ - very skilled and very respectful of everyone. Thank you, “Helena.” JT

The Anxiety-Free “Power” Circle really helped me gain insight into some of my emotional blocks. Through sharing and story telling, and brainstorming with others and Helena, I was able to tap into insights and healing methods I never thought of - to help me to let go of all my fears and anxieties.” VS

Helena Green and her EFT technique is miraculous. She helped me release some "stuff" that I have been carrying for years, simple things as well as extremely painful memories. Her empathy is so obvious - making me feel completely safe to open up and allow things to be released quickly and easily.. JI

Discover how other people have overcome their anxiety. Clinical EFT adds another exciting element to not only managing but also eliminating old, limiting beliefs that get you stuck. Helena Green is a trained and experienced facilitator and tapping specialist who supports each person in having an equal opportunity to share and discover new ideas for their 'tool kit.' Participants are set to receive a variety of benefits from the eclectic dynamics of the group, from tapping and it's fun! 

Circle Logistics

Summer Session Announcement Coming Soon

5 consecutive Mondays, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm 

Cost $100 for all 5 meetings

Circle Maximum Members 8

Private and Safe
Central Red Deer

Pre-Registration Required
Call for Details


Please pre-register. Confidentiality forms and payment (cash, cheque or charge) prior to the first meeting. Water will be available to drink or you can bring your own water bottle. 

Find out about individual anxiety therapy and other services that Helena Green offers. This is a great day to take charge of your life. Bring in something new and breathe health and wellbeing into your experience. It's your birthright!

Deep listening. Clarity. Sustainable Solutions.

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