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Need relationship problem advice? Counselling for the Health of It in Red Deer is invested in helping you solve your relationship problem and build on creating a sustainable platform of wellness.

Specializing in relationship counselling, Helena Green has the education, training and experience to help you in your relationship problems - be it with your partner, family, friends and/or business associates. Counselling can be an effective tool that helps heal a relationship, navigate a difficult time and/or help to strengthen the bond. If both parties are invested in putting in the time and effort that it takes to work out solutions, a sustainable platform for going forward is already in the works. Yet everyone wants something different. So effective communication, mutual respect and a commitment to the process are key ingredients to success.

Whether the challenge is communication problems, violence, overcoming infidelity, addictions, anger, abuse and/or any limiting beliefs, there are strategies and relationship problem advice for not only coping but also finding ongoing solutions. Sometimes, psycho-education is a vehicle for self discovery and partner awareness. Tapping therapy can provide insights and release long held psychological blocks. Most times, it takes inner strength and courage to stay the course.

Often, forgiveness is the key to harmony and freedom, not only in your relationship but also in your life in general..

"Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heal that has crushed it." Mark Twain

Wayne Dyer explains the clarity and wisdom of understanding blame and the need for forgiveness in this interview with Oprah.

Relationship Strategies and Tools

Helena Green has developed a comprehensive, step by step methodology for anxiety and limiting beliefs since these are often at the core of many relationship problems. Check out Anxiety Re-Patterning Therapy (A.R.T.) to discover the source of your unhealthy patterns and get ready for lasting change.

Using a Family Systems approach, the family can be imagined as a mobile that floats on strings, attached to the ceiling. All members are connected and are therefore affected by events and change for any individual. That dynamic is a two-way process. Understanding those dynamics is a powerful tool for building effective and healthy relationships.

So discover what you appreciate in each other. Discover a new way of relating and overcome communication problems. Find what works for both of you so that your lives may be filled with harmony.

Sessions are held in a supportive and empowering environment. Issues such as boundaries, self esteem and/or "first family" dynamics may come up. Although your challenge may feel personal and overwhelming, chances are that many have experienced a similar relationship problem. There is help for those are willing to take that first step; asking for help. You might also want to check out some of her published writings under Ramblings of an Old Flower Child in Synergy Magazine.

Allow Counselling for the Helath of It to help light the fire of communication, understanding and compassion in the relationships of your life.

Deep Listening. Clarity. Going Forward.

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We acknowledge that we work on Treaty 7 land and on the traditional territories of the M├ętis and Treaty 6, 7 and 8 people whose footsteps have marked these lands for generations.

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