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Overcoming Infidelity
rebuilding trust & connection

Does overcoming infidelity seem impossible? Counselling for the Health of It in Red Deer can help you navigate the steep road to rebuilding trust and connection with each other.

A loving partnership is built on respect, willingness and trust. Infidelity strikes at the base of what holds a relationship together. Issues of broken trust, questions about the level of commitment from your partner limiting beliefs and problems with envisioning the future, all contribute to shaking your world. Infidelity can be a challenge that puts you at a crossroads in your relationship. This is a time where you may look at staying and working it out or moving in another direction.

The positive spin on infidelity is that it can be a window of opportunity that involves a deep assessment of what is working for you and what isn't. Perhaps staying involves change. If things aren't working for you the way they are, something has to change if you want to see different results. Ironically, change starts with you, not your partner. That can include your outlook or behavior. In the end, everyone is affected in various ways.

The Work for you involves an honest look at who you are, your family patterns, your partner's background and the level of commitment on both sides. Is anger disorder and/or violence a regular occurrence in your family? What do you want to leave behind and what do you want to bring into your future? The process takes time and your emotional investment. The process is taxing yet worth the investment. Sometimes, insights are profound and life changing.

There is risk involved in being vulnerable. Yet this openness and honesty are necessary in order to explore the depths of overcoming infidelity. With empathetic deep listening, effective counselling offers guidance in your process of deepening your awareness.

Although the present may look bleak and threatening, you have choices. Let Helena Green help you discover your inner strength and wisdom that will guide you to an informed and holistic path in going forward.

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