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Meridian Tapping Testimonials

Check out the testimonials on the effectiveness of Helena Green's Meridian Tapping (EFT) and Anxiety-Free Power Circles.

Comments on CMT & Anxiety-Free Circles

“One session with Helena was gentle yet powerful. I would recommend her to anyone seeking help to untangle the complex accumulation of lifelong issues. Through CMT she helped me resolve troubling past emotional events through linking them to current physical manifestations. She was a master at guiding me to see these as evidence of unresolved patterns and helped me let go of physical and emotional toxic charge.”  D.W. 

"I really felt like the Tapping method worked wonders for me. It allowed me to release past built up feelings as well as gave me a great tool to use in any times of need." A.K.

"I found Tapping allowed me to change behavior patterns in a fundamental way. Through Tapping many of my harmful thought patterns shifted and behaviors that caused anxiety no longer do so." B.O.

“On the day I worked with Helena (‘using Clinical EFT”) I was experiencing pain in my lower back, legs, and hips.  I had woken up with the pain the day before and was thinking I needed to visit the chiropractor as I do about once a month for these symptoms.  Helena guided me through a process that allowed me to connect the pain I felt in my body with a frustrating situation I had experienced the night before the pain showed up.  As we worked through and released the frustration, the pain dissipated, making a trip to the chiropractor completely unnecessary, and I have been pain-free ever since.  I preferred working with Helena to working with my chiropractor because in her process I am a participant in my own healing, rather than a passive receiver. It is empowering to realize that as you work with your own thoughts and emotions, you can affect immediate and profound change in your body.  Thank you, Helena, for a wonderful session.” J.J.

“I would like to thank you Helena, for all you’ve done in helping me overcome my anxiety. I originally went to a Naturopath for treatment and found it helpful but the underlying issues were not being addressed.Your kind and expert treatment has allowed me to have a better outlook. I am now able to put to use the tools that you have provided me to handle any challenges that occasionally come up. I would highly recommend your service to anyone wanting to improve the quality of their lives and break any barriers that may be holding them back from being the best they can be.” A.G. 

With Helena’s help, we went right back to an incident in my life when I was probably about 2 years old.  We did many rounds of EFT tapping, when Helena and I started, there were tears and when asked how that memory registered, I was an 8 or 9 out of 10. We tapped until thinking about this incident did not register at all; I was around a 1 or 2. Helena asked me to do a list of any other incidents around bullying - for our next session. After our session I was feeling quite relaxed and relieved, I actually slept for a couple of hours through the day which I never do. This session just lifted all those feelings from me, I felt great. During the next couple of days I tried to write my list for Helena for our next session, and I just could not do that list. Nothing that I remembered seemed to matter at all any more. F.P.

It was such a privilege working with Helena on a couple issues that I was unable to work through on my own.  She was able to laser focus right through to the true problem and help me walk through to resolve them.  Helena has the ability to hold your feet to the fire in a loving and supportive manner.  She taught me some incredible little nuances that I use in my own practice with clients. T.M.H.

“The Anxiety-Free Power Circle really helped me gain insight into some of my emotional blocks. Through sharing and story telling, and brainstorming with others and Helena, I was able to tap into insights and healing methods I never thought of  - to help me to let go of all my fears and anxieties.” V.S.

“I want to do some more tapping on specific things. You did an outstanding job ‘with Anxiety-Free Power Circles’ - very skilled and very respectful of everyone. Thank you, “Helena.” J.T.

"With Helena’s gentle and effective use of CMT, I have been able to release some long held ineffective beliefs and behaviours.  She has a very kind and loving nature and the whole process has been very respectful and supportive. As a result of working with Helena I have experienced some very substantial shifts in my awareness and am positively affected in all aspects.  I no longer harbour the pain and hurt of the past; it is laid to rest, without regret. I would gladly refer anyone who has deeply buried wounds, or who wants to move past what is holding them back from living their best life, to seek the guidance of Helena and CMT." E.P.

“Helena Green and her CMT technique is miraculous. She helped me release some "stuff" that I have been carrying for years, simple things as well as extremely painful memories. Her empathy is so obvious - making me feel completely safe to open up and allow things to be released quickly and easily. She went over and above the call of duty with me in order that I wouldn't have to carry it around any longer. I am truly grateful and fell I have turned a corner in my life.” J.I.

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