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Stressed out and can't cope? You're not alone. With stress management strategies at Counselling for the Health of It, you can take control and regain balance in your life.

Are you taking care of an elderly parent and feel overloaded with caregiver stress? Are the demands on you for work and family too much? Are your finances out of control? Do you have chronic conditions, including pain, that are overwhelming? Do you feel that you just can't keep up with change? Are you stressed out about never having enough time, rest or balance in your life? These and other limiting beliefs can keep you from not only reaching your goals but also from being happy.

Helena Green specializes in stress management counselling, including anxiety treatment. Clients find solutions and action plans when they are overwhelmed by the demands of daily life. Managing stress effectively can be difficult when you are too close to the problem.

You can lose perspective and the ability to function when the stress is overwhelming. Fear and anxiety tend to creep into the mix that may keep you stuck and block you from discovering ways to overcome fear. Roles that are demanding, time constraints, financial issues, health concerns and dealing with change are normal aspects of being a responsible adult. If you are out of balance, chances are it didn't happen overnight.

Counselling can help in putting the stressors in your life into perspective and even eliminate them. You are able to develop tools and strategies that are attainable. Education and exploring options can ease the tension while helping to get organized. Everyone works more efficiently when their minds are clear and focused.

A Solid Platform

A fundamental, common sense platform for dealing with stress and change involves taking care of your physical needs first. That includes -

  • proper sleep
  • healthy eating
  • regular exercise
  • getting out into nature

You can't think when you're over tired, hungry or bogged down in a stuffy place. Sometimes, getting down to the basics just may jumpstart your imagination and problem solving ability. There may be a need for a "break down - break through" process. Looking at and being willing to change old habits that no longer work for you takes insight and courage. I call it "doing The Work." Developing strategies and action plans often produce results in productivity, ability to cope and mental (and physical) health.

If you feel like your life is out of control, you can regain control. Part of the tool kit involves a series of calming exercises. These techniques help to ground you in a state of clarity from which you may discover healthy choices and develop positive habits. Tapping therapy (EFT) is a profoundly effective tool that may free you from long held emotional and psychological blocks. With stress management counselling you are able to see what your options are and make informed, sustainable decisions.

There are always choices available to you, even if you are not aware of them. Challenges may become opportunities with unexpected solutions and new discoveries. At Counselling for the Health of It, Helena Green offers stress management counselling to help you cope while you regain balance and control in your life. You might also want to check out some of her published writing called Ramblings of an Old Flower Child in Synergy Magazine. Take the first step to finding out about sustainable stress management strategies; reach out for help and call.

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