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Meridian Tapping has come to Red Deer! Helena Green, at Counselling for the Health of It, stands behind tapping therapy, aka Clinical EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and meridian tapping. They all describe a dynamic energy psychology technique that works on trauma, anxiety, fears, addictions, body image, performance, self esteem, pain management and more. Tapping is one of a variety of quick and easy calming techniques to give you control of yourself in the moment; to get out of your head and into your body. Helena has created Anxiety Re-Petteraning Therapy (A.R.T.) - featuring Meridian Tapping - to help you deal with your anxiety.

How Meridian Tapping Works

Meridian Tapping is a type of Energy and Somatic Psychology and calming technique that combines Traditional Chinese Medicine (Ch’i meridians) with modern Western Psychology (Neuro-plasticity and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). It works on the premise that people are integrated beings. The physical (body), emotional (feelings) and psychological (ideas/beliefs) dimensions are intertwined. At the same time, the body stores the energetic (electromagnetic) signature of an event whereby a negative belief may have been formed. So memory incorporates the body, feelings and ideas. Feelings buried alive never die, they just live on in the subconscious. Clinical Meridian Tapping is one of the few ways to access and reprogram the illusive subconscious.

In targetting these energy blocks, Clinical EFT uses the energy meridians in the body (those used in acupressure to influence the flow of energy/ch'i). Clients tap on a few of these energy points on their bodies at the same time as they talk about their event and/or repeat certain phrases. In this way, tapping becomes a three-way bridge between long-term memory (involving the limbic system of the brain), the body and current events.

The irony is that present problems often stem from the past; the learned problematic or negative versions of the self and/or the world. These deep and often hidden issues are actually stored in the body and released with this form of Energy Psychology. 

Roger Callahan created the tapping process which was subsequently modified by one of Roger’s students - Gary Craig. Gary studied Neuro-plasticity and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and developed a single algorithm tapping method called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). That was in the mid 1990s. Since then, the art of tapping has been developed under various ‘schools.’ While they vary in technique nuances, there are many aspects that they share.

Most importantly, all tapping is integrative and works somatically (body), cognitively (mind), emotionally (feelings) and energetically (chi). Clinical EFT has been explored and demonstrated to be an effective energy psychology technique in many studies and academic writings (Arenson 2001; Baker,Carrington, and Putlin, 2009; Callahan 1985; Rowe 2005).

Relevance of EFT

Various testimonials and anecdotal reports show that Clinical EFT has been used successfully for a wide range of personal issues, including:

  • Anxiety, including panic attacks, related to being in public, performance, concentration, sports and tests
  • Trauma, PTSD emotional effects from abuse (physical, emotional or psychological)
  • Depression, anger and other limiting emotions
  • Physical conditions and disease, including migraine headaches
  • Phobias such as fear of success, heights, flying enclosed spaces and spiders
  • Insomnia and other sleeping issues

As a Certified EFT Practitioner, Helena is able to use tapping therapy for long standing issues from past experiences and limiting beliefs. In concert with other counselling modalities, including calming techniques, eft tapping takes the client to a much deeper awareness without having to re-experience the acute emotional pain of the trauma.  

The technique is gentle and client driven. At the same time, meridian tapping not only helps bring up issues faster but also  creates more (and deeper) 'cognitive shifts.' Cognitive shifts are equivalent to a new neural pathway in the brain that represents freedom from the emotional trigger from the past. Its versatility is relevant for counselling on relationshipsindividual psychotherapy and stress management. You can also experience the gracious gift of Meridian Tapping (Clinical EFT) with Anxiety-Free Power Circles that incorporate the power of psycho-educational material, the supportive dynamic of community in sharing and brainstorming - plus trying and practicing Meridian Tapping in a group.

EFT testimonial

"With Helena’s gentle and effective use of the EFT modality, I have been able to release some long held ineffective beliefs and behaviours.  She has a very kind and loving nature and the whole process has been very respectful and supportive. As a result of working with Helena I have experienced some very substantial shifts in my awareness and am positively affected in all aspects.  I no longer harbour the pain and hurt of the past; it is laid to rest, without regret.    I would gladly refer anyone who has deeply buried wounds, or who wants to move past what is holding them back from living their best life, to seek the guidance of Helena and the EFT." E.P.

Check out more testimonials on not only Meridian Tapping with Helena Green but also her Anxiety-Free Power Circles. Here is your opportunity to get clarity on what is working for you. Keep that and lose all those things that have been holding you back from your freedom and joy. It is called 'emotional freedom technique' after all. Sounds too simple? Skepticism is welcome! You need only take that first courageous step.

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