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Senior citizen counselling (geriatric counselling) is available in Nanaimo for seniors who are experiencing life transitions, grief and loss, loneliness, depression, isolation and/or chronic health conditions. With seniors, people are often in too big a hurry to really listen and appreciate the unique challenges and perspectives of seniors.

In her Person Centred Counselling approach, Helena Green attunes to the rhythm of her client. With care, respect and attention, the counsellor-client relationship develops. Deep listening has become a lost art in Western society yet it is the core of counselling with seniors. Solutions present themselves as a natural consequence of therapy as we explore options and work things through together. After all, elders embody an abundance of insight and wisdom borne of a lifetime of experience. It just takes a bit of time and patience to discover the answers and embrace whatever change may be necessary.

For many seniors, the family and/or caregivers are important stakeholders in any life transitions or ongoing care. So working with everyone involved, while keeping the wishes of the senor as the priority, helps ensure that solutions are feasible and sustainable. Caregiver stress is likely to be a component in the family dynamics. So, caregivers need support as well, just like everyone else. Especially when caregivers have the typical demands on their time, including home, children, work and community, an aging parent can tip the scales into overload. Yet caregiver burnout may be avoided.

Helena Green has in-depth training in geriatric counseling. Coupled with comprehensive life experience, they have helped her in tuning in and being effective with all manner of issues that present themselves to seniors and their caregivers. You might also want to check out topics in her published column called Ramblings of an Old Flower Child in Synergy Magazine.

You are not alone. You always have choices, whether you are aware of them or not. Whatever your challenges are, Counselling for the Health of It has the education, experience and compassion to help elders and their families discover solutions. The careful process in geriatric counselling can help you take charge of your life.

Deep Listening. Clarity. Going Forward.

Helena Green, BA EFT-CP MTC
Master Therapeutic Counsellor #2033

Past Vancouver Island Regional Director
Canadian Professional Counsellors Assoc.

phone: 250-755-1122

Counselling for the Health of It
Nanaimo, British Columbia

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